Who Doesn’t Love a Treasure Hunt? Letterboxing Adventures

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Treasure hunting, who doesn’t love it?  To learn more about our Geocaching/Letterboxing adventures, click on the Geochaching/Letterboxing category on the right side of the page.

Geocaching is a lot of fun!  And so is Letterboxing!  There are not as many Letterboxes out there but they are well worth finding. 

So what is Letterboxing?  Here is the official website. 

In short, it is just like a Geocache, in that you use a GPS and follow clues to find the cache.  A Letterbox has something special … a rubber stamp.  Many stamps are custom made, others are commercial but the symbol or picture mean something special to the owner.  Those who Letterbox, have some type of notebook and their own rubber stamp and ink pad. 

When you find the cache, stamp your book with the  “cache stamp”. Then stamp the “cache book” with your stamp.  Below is an example of my Letterboxing book, rubber stamp and ink pad.  I had a custom rubber stamp made from a favorite gorilla picture.

This is a page from my Letterbox book.  I stamp the book and then write the details of where I found it, the name of the cache, date etc.

While searching for a Letterbox does take a bit more prep work than simple Geocaching, it’s fun when you find stamps for your book. Give it a try! I’d love to see your book and all the fun stamps you collect.

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