The House Witch – A Yearly Visit

"HouseWitch01 |"


"WitchMoon |"


Since 2015, we have had a visit from our house witch each October 1st.  Esmeralda stays all month and leaves us by November 1st, sometimes bringing friends, other times not.  And just for fun, I snap a quick picture each day to show her activities. 

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Below are a few of the pictures of activities I have caught.  Do you have any traditions involving “visitors” for the holidays?


"HouseWitchGlasses |"

Esmeralda with her Sudoku

"HouseWitchCauldron |"

Brewing Potions

"HouseWitchHubby |"

Whispering to my Hubby

"HouseWitchBroom |"

Does he think my duster is a broom? Silly witch!

"HouseWitchCandy |"

Esmeralda with her friends … being naughty with the candy.

"HouseWitchFriends |"

Posing with friends

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