Smoked Sausage-Onions-Peppers-Garlic Bake

This one is super simple!  Pop this low carb dish in the oven, or sun oven and have a quick easy dinner with leftovers.

What you will need:

Baking dish, deep enough to catch the grease from the sausage. Get one here

"Sausage |"

1 package (I buy the bulk size) of smoked sausage (could also substitute kielbasa), cut up

YellowOnion |"

1 yellow onion, sliced


"MultiColoredPeppers |"

1 Bell Pepper (I used multi colored), sliced

"Garlic |"
2 garlic cloves, chopped


"AvocadoSpray |"

Nonstick Cooking Spray, I use spray Avocado Oil.  Get one here Continue reading “Smoked Sausage-Onions-Peppers-Garlic Bake”

Low Carb Skillet Chili

This easy low carb chili can be eaten alone or with hot dogs.  A bunless chili dog topped with cheese would be a yummy quick lunch or dinner. Continue reading “Low Carb Skillet Chili”