DIY – Body Butter

What is better than a body butter that begins to melt as soon as it touches your skin,  providing moisture and support throughout your day,  helping to prevent chafing, itching and dryness, as well as supporting various “issues” when combined with appropriately chosen essential oils.

This body butter recipe is a combination of many recipes I have found (and used) over the years. I took all the best parts and found the combo that works well me. Continue reading “DIY – Body Butter”

DIY – Body Powder

Who has not used body powder at some time in their lives?  As a baby, a child after a bath, or as an adult, to help with chafing, etc.  But is commercial baby powder safe?  Read more about it here.

For the last few years, I have been making a safe, DIY body powder.  So simple to make, with all the benefits of a commercial powder and none of the worries. Continue reading “DIY – Body Powder”