Who Doesn’t Love a Treasure Hunt? Geocaching Adventures – Part Two

Treasure hunting, who doesn’t love it?  To learn more about our Geocaching adventures, click on the Geochaching/Letterboxing category on the right side of the page.

What is Geocaching?  Read more here.
Official Geocaching website is here.

Our family has enjoyed Geocaching over the years.  Here are a few of our adventures. Continue reading “Who Doesn’t Love a Treasure Hunt? Geocaching Adventures – Part Two”

Who Doesn’t Love a Treasure Hunt! Geocaching Adventures – Part One

Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt? The thrill of discovering “clues”, sometimes involving a riddle, or simply following a map to the “buried treasure”. However you define it, a “treasure hunt” can be a lot of fun, and a great way to get out and move your body while enjoying time away from your day-to-day grind.   Want  to learn more about Geocaching?  Read this post.

"Microcache | www.stephsneckofthewoods.com"Our family discovered Geocaching around 2002, back before we all had smart phones with us daily. The Geocaching website was not what is today. Not as many features or interactive maps, just a simple map, and GPS coordinates with a few clues or a riddle to find the cache.
We did not own a GPS unit but instead, borrowed one from a realtor friend.

So, we set out on one of our early Geocaching adventures.  Back in the early days of caching, we did not always find what we were looking for.  Sometimes, the coordinates were inaccurate.  Other times, fellow “treasure hunters” were not always careful and did not place the cache back in the exact location after their find. Other times, “muggles” would find the cache and removed it altogether.  It was a bit frustrating at times.

But as with any good treasure hunt, don’t give up – try and try again.  Over the years the site improved, Geocachers became more and more common and they seem to be more careful with their finds. Continue reading “Who Doesn’t Love a Treasure Hunt! Geocaching Adventures – Part One”

My Why and My 100+ Journey

Where to begin?  This is a raw topic for me overall and one that I have revisited many times over the years, but just eventually push aside when it seems too hard to deal with. 

"2008-2009 Obese | www.stephsneckofthewoods.com"

I was pretty much always an overweight kid, and that transitioned into being an overweight adult, and eventually, an obese one.

This past year I turned 50 and in a few short months will turn 51, and in looking back over the years there is a feeling of time wasted. Why have I not taken control of my health? Why have I allowed myself to miss out on so many social events, either because of embarrassment, lack of energy, or simply knowing I could not participate in whatever was going on. Admittingly though, sometimes it was just wallowing in my own self-pity and feeling tired of always being the largest person in the room. Worse yet, actually going to an event and not fitting in the chairs, or being over the weight limit for rides, etc.

Continue reading “My Why and My 100+ Journey”

Ancestry DNA, Should I, or Shouldn’t I? And Do We Have the Right to Know About Our Ancestors?

DNA testing for genealogy seems to be all the craze now.  Some jump on the bandwagon and take the tests right away, others seem more hesitant.  How will the results be used?  Is our information really private?  What if I find out something … unexpected?!

All of these same questions went through my mind.  Ultimately though, I did take the test, through Ancestry.  My sisters and father took it as well.  And the results?  Well, my dad is my dad, and my sisters are my sisters, no surprise there. 😉 Continue reading “Ancestry DNA, Should I, or Shouldn’t I? And Do We Have the Right to Know About Our Ancestors?”

The Day We Met Johnny Depp … sort of

It was a warm day back in October of 2007, my birthday in fact.  My Hubby, daughter with her friend, youngest son,  and I, all took a trip to Washington, DC. A new attraction had opened, and we had discount tickets for that day only.

As usual when we visit D.C, we parked just inside the Beltway and took the Metro into the city.  If you have never visited D.C before, I recommend taking  at least a full day to walk about and explore.  Wear comfortable walking shoes as the Metro is the best way to get around. Continue reading “The Day We Met Johnny Depp … sort of”

Parenting Adult Children

"Hen and Chicks | stephsneckofthewoods.com

I was thrilled when each of my three children were born.  Each a joy and each with their own set of challenges while raising them.  No two children are exactly alike and my three are each very different in many ways.  They are all caring, intelligent, and am proud to be their mom, but as they have grown into adulthood, I sometimes find it hard to “parent” my adult children.

Do they still need me?  Maybe “need” is the wrong word.  Or, maybe not.  Do they still want me to be a part of their lives?  Yes, I can confidently say they do.  But, they also need to be treated as the adults they have grown to be, with all that entails. Continue reading “Parenting Adult Children”