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Making your own DIY foaming hand soap is super simple to do!

Why make your own?  My number one reason for making my own hand soap is so that I know exactly what ingredients are in the bottle. Number two, buying in bulk makes it easy to be sure that the items I need are always on hand. Unexpectedly find the hand soap empty?  No worries!  Grab the ingredients and quickly refill the bottle.

Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser  (get one here) or reuse an old foaming bottle that you have on hand.
Pure Castile Soap  
    (get peppermint scent here)
    (get lavender scent here)
    (get citrus scent here)
    (get unscented here)
Vegetable Glycerin  (get it here)
Purified Water

"Foaming Hand Soap Dispensers |

First, you will need a soap dispenser that will “foam”.  In some of my bathrooms, I have reused a foaming hand soap dispenser, from a commercial product I had purchased years ago.  In my powder room, there is a glass foam dispenser that I purchased more recently from Amazon, and in my kitchen, I have a different style dispenser.

"CastileSoap |"

Next, you will need any scent of pure castile soap.  My favorite is Dr. Bronner’s.  This is a super gentle, pure soap and is available in different scents.

"VegetableGlycerine |

Then grab the vegetable glycerin. This will help keep the pump mechanism lubricated, and prevent soap buildup in the pump.  It also provides a bit of moisture to your skin.

"AddWater |"

The last item you need is purified water.  Why purified?  In many areas, tap water is either contaminated or if commercially treated, may contain strong amounts of chlorine or other chemicals to clean the water.  I prefer to use my reversed osmosis system water. I have seen distilled and other types of purified bottled water used as well.  If none of these options are available, then simply use your tap water.

"Add Castile Soap |"

Directions:  Fill your container about a quarter of the way full, with pure castile soap.  Next, add a squirt or two of vegetable glycerin, equaling about a tablespoon.  Then, fill your bottle to about a half-inch from the top with purified water. 

"Foaming-Hand-Soap |"

Place the top on, swirl the bottle a bit and you are good to go!  Super simple.

Note: If you add more soap and water to the bottle before it is empty, it is not necessary to add more glycerin each time.

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