Some of My Favorite Things

"chatting |"These are some of my favorite things!  Do you ever sit, chatting with a friend and can’t wait to share something that has made your life easier or better in some way?  I LOVE to chat about what others use and the wonderful things they have found that, in some way, makes their lives better.  And so, this is what I plan to do through this page.  Come with me as I show you some of my favorite things!

Unless specifically noted, all items were purchased my myself or were given to me as a gift by a friend or family member.  The reviews have not been purchased in any way.  I am simply sharing with you what I like and dislike about them, and why they have found a place in my life.

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Some of My Favorite Things:

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Disclaimer:  I will include an affiliate link for each item, if it is still available. This is for your ease in purchasing, if you so desire.  I do get a few cents for each purchase that goes toward the upkeep of this website.  It does not increase the cost to you or influence why I use each item.