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"Sausage Balls |"

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This morning, I tried a recipe from Kristie Sullivan’s book Keto Gatherings, pg. 328

Makes 24 Sausage Balls
Serving size: 2 balls
1.6 carbs per serving
This is assuming that your 0 carb sausage does not have any extra ingredients that might add carbs.

I followed the recipe as written, choosing Jimmy Dean Pork breakfast sausage as the base. The recipe stated “bulk pork sausage”.

Kristie recommended using a hand or stand mixer to incorporate all the ingredients.  I simply used my hands and mixed and squeezed well.  I always hear gloves when working with meat and all ingredients seemed to incorporate well.

Liked: Super easy to understand and follow her recipe.  Her ingredients were ones that I already had on hand.  Kristie likes to use oat fiber for texture, so I always have that in the house now.

Disliked: Nothing about this recipe warrants a dislike.  I did use a milder sausage, and in the future, I will use a spicier one as the almond flour seemed to cut the heat of the sausage.

Overall Results: Super easy to follow and prepare.  Bakes well and tastes great!  Very filling.

"Sausage Balls |"

Changes I will make:  If using this as a breakfast item (which I did in this case) I might pair it with a low carb country gravy.  If using it as an appetizer for an event, I might use an Italian type bulk pork sausage and pair it with an appropriate dipping sauce.

Review of the cookbook Keto Gatherings:  I have enjoyed following Kristie’s journey and have tried some of her YouTube recipes.  I was excited to get this book.  When it arrived, I realized that it is laid out by month, showing items you might make for that time of year.  It has a great little info section at the front of the book, giving a bit of info about her and then has an ingredient guide, talks about pantry staples, alternative ingredients for low carb baking, sweeteners and flavorings, making substitutions and tips and tricks.

At first, I did not know how much use I would get out of the cookbook overall.  The info section is great but the first few recipes I saw were not something I would ever cook.  But as time went on, I have referred to this book more and more.  I’ll post more reviews as I try recipes from this book.

Disclaimer: I purchased Keto Gatherings on my own, paying full Amazon price. I was not asked to review this recipe, or the book itself.  I have no personal affiliations with Kristie or any of her books.

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