Let’s Get Moving Tip … Wintertime

"SnowShoveling | stephsneckofthewoods.com"

"SnowShovel | stephsneckofthewoods.com"For those of us who live in snowy areas, we find it challenging to get outside and engage in regular walking and other outside exercise on a regular basis.  We all do have opportunities for movement during the winter though.  Yes, I am talking about shoveling snow.  I found out one past winter, that although shoveling did provide an opportunity for lots of movement and a fabulous arm workout, it did not register many Fitbit steps. When all was said and done, I came inside and found only 3,000ish registered on my Fitbit.  REALLY?!

That’s ok!  Don’t get hung up on just the step number.  Any regular movement is good.  The snow was beautiful and overall a good workout!


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