Let’s Get Moving Tip – Dealing with a Setback

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How do you deal with a setback in your life?  Do you have the determination to keep going?  Do you give up, feeling it will never work anyway?  Or do you find yourself somewhere in between?

For our purposes here, let’s just talk about setbacks in relation to improving our health, increasing our movement and in turn, having positive results in reaching our goals.

I have spoken many times about my love (obsession) for my Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker.  For me, it’s been a fabulous way to track movement and keep me motivated.  But, even with a tool like this, there can be setbacks.  For many months I’ve not reached my minimum daily step goal, and in turn have not hit my desired goal.  So what do I do when things like this happen?

I can only speak for myself and admit to having MANY setbacks while working to improve my health and movement.  Sometimes I set my goals too high and when that goal is not achieved, “perfectly”, I feel like giving up.

It is important to have REALISTIC goals to work towards.  I love the virtual badges that Fitbit offers and intend on getting EVERY one of them. Realistic? I hope so.  Regain the level of movement I had a couple of years ago?  I hope so.  One of the badges involved 75,000 steps in one day, that was over 23 miles for me.  I did obtain that badge, by the way,   but that level of activity can’t be sustained daily and so that would not be a realistic goal for me.  (I would love to do it again though.)

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My point?  Set realistic goals.  Strive to reach those goals, knowing that it is OK to push yourself but knowing that sustainability is the key.  It does not have to be an all or nothing situation.  For example, a person who is trying to give up refined sugar, slips and has a gooey sugary cookie.  You are not a failure if you have a setback, but this does not mean that you can continue to eat those cookies and gorge for the next week, month … and so on. (guilty)

As for movement, maybe you have set of goal of 10,000 steps a day, every day.  You have a bad day and only have a step count of 6,000 or so.  Don’t give up!  Get up the next morning and start moving.  Be determined to get those 10,000 steps that day.  Again, it does not have to be all or nothing. Pick yourself up, evaluate what happened, and remember: evaluate … DO NOT obsess over it.  (guilty) Then move on toward your goal.

Confession time! I have been suffering from a setback and have let it get me down.   I’ve not kept to clean eating and joined 2 dietbets, to help keep me accountable.  I had to drop out of both, for personal reasons.  Did it get me down?  YES!  Will this situation be an all or nothing case?  Since I had to give up that outlet of motivation, will I go back to eating poorly and in turn feeling poorly? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

I have been over weight for so long and am so tired of it, that when my plans don’t work out, I sometimes feel, “What’s the point!”

Here’s the point … I have a wonderful family and I want to be around to see and play with my grandchildren. I don’t want to go into a movie theater and be afraid that I might not fit into the seats.  I want to visit the amusement park with my kids (all adults now, but we still love to go) and not have to say (as I have in the past) no, I won’t fit on that ride.

I want to live life and enjoy it!  THAT IS THE POINT!

So, whatever your situation is, there will be setbacks.  Remember to evaluate, not obsess, and continue on.

You can do this (and so can I) … so LET’S GET MOVING! "GetMoving | stephsneckofthewoods.com"

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