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We all have daily routines.  Some may be similar to what others do, while others may be unique to us.

Let’s think of a few that most of us do automatically.  Using the bathroom upon waking.  Seems silly to mention it but it is a routine thing we do, none the less.

Brushing our teeth every day is another one. What would happen if we did not brush?  Your dentist may have strong feelings about that.

Those of us that must get up at a specific time in the morning, usually set an alarm clock.  Why? We would not keep to our schedule, and the day would start with a chaotic rush to get out the door, if we did not set that alarm.

How about feeding your children or pets?  We would hear some protest if we did not do that on some sort of regular basis.

Some of us live by a strict routine of daily tasks, while others “wing it” through their day.  Whatever personality type you are, most likely your day consists of some type of routine.

Daily movement should be a part of that routine.  If you are a “schedule follower,” be sure to pencil in regular daily movement. If you are a “wing it” type of person, just choose to get up and move … often!

For most of us, as children, needed a reminder to brush our teeth before going to bed.  After some time and growing up a bit, hopefully it became something we do automatically, almost without thinking about it.

Regular movement can be just that.  Your body will crave it.  You may start to notice that you become stiff and uncomfortable if you sit for too long.  That is your body’s way of telling you to get up and move.  Even just 10 minutes of moving about, every hour or so, will do wonders for your flexibility and circulation.  Trust me … your body wants to move!

Create a routine that encompasses regular movement throughout the day.  If that means scheduling it in the beginning, then do just that.  Put in on your task list or set a reminder on your phone to get up and move.

Want a fun and useful tool to track your movement?  You guessed it, I am recommending any of the Fitbit items available. I use the Fitbit ONE every day, as I don’t like to wear anything on my wrist.  So many more options available since I bought my first Fitbit.  Get yourself one HERE.

Be sure to let me know if you choose a Fitbit, as we can be Fitbit friends.  It is a fun way to encourage each other!

Comment below and tell me how you choose to “move” every day.  And how have you worked it into your daily routines?


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