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Why post DIY projects?
I LOVE to see what others create.  Talent, styles and skill levels vary from person to person.  Where do I consider myself?  Definitely a beginner is some areas, dabbler in others, and a work in progress overall 😉
In the past, I have been one of those people that plan a project in detail, even purchasing most of what is needed.  But many times, I would not complete the project.  Why?  Laziness?  Maybe a bit.  But mostly, from lack of confidence.  If it is not “professional looking”, then why bother.
Well, what is “professional looking” anyway???
“Professional” is subjective, depending upon individual taste and style.  My style (if you can call it that) is eclectic. 

My home is a mixture of styles and traditions.  I know what I like and what I don’t, regardless of whether it officially
“goes together” or looks “professional”.
As for personal care, I am frustrated with many of the ingredients I find in commercial products.  I can’t pronounce most of them, much less know what they actually do.  I Google them and become even more confused.  Why on earth would THAT be in my body lotion?  So, DIY it is.
Here are a few of my projects 🙂

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These are some of my favorite things!  Do you ever sit, chatting with a friend and can’t wait to share something that has made your life easier or better in some way?  I LOVE to chat about what others use and the wonderful things they have found that, in some way, makes their lives better.  And so, this is what I plan to do through this page.  Come with me as I show you some of my favorite things!

Unless specifically noted, all items were purchased my myself or were given to me as a gift by a friend or family member.  The reviews have not been purchased in any way.  I am simply sharing with you what I like and dislike about them, and why they have found a place in my life.

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