Smoked Sausage-Onions-Peppers-Garlic Bake

This one is super simple!  Pop this low carb dish in the oven, or sun oven and have a quick easy dinner with leftovers.

What you will need:

Baking dish, deep enough to catch the grease from the sausage. Get one here

"Sausage |"

1 package (I buy the bulk size) of smoked sausage (could also substitute kielbasa), cut up

YellowOnion |"

1 yellow onion, sliced


"MultiColoredPeppers |"

1 Bell Pepper (I used multi colored), sliced

"Garlic |"
2 garlic cloves, chopped


"AvocadoSpray |"

Nonstick Cooking Spray, I use spray Avocado Oil.  Get one here Continue reading “Smoked Sausage-Onions-Peppers-Garlic Bake”

Chicken Salad – Low Carb/Keto Friendly

This is a simple low-carb/keto friendly lunch idea.  I used 3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts that once cooked and chopped, weighed 15 ounces before adding the other ingredients. Continue reading “Chicken Salad – Low Carb/Keto Friendly”

DIY – Body Butter

What is better than a body butter that begins to melt as soon as it touches your skin,  providing moisture and support throughout your day,  helping to prevent chafing, itching and dryness, as well as supporting various “issues” when combined with appropriately chosen essential oils.

This body butter recipe is a combination of many recipes I have found (and used) over the years. I took all the best parts and found the combo that works well me. Continue reading “DIY – Body Butter”

Banana Bread in the Sun Oven

Who doesn’t love fruit breads?  Apple, blueberry, mixed berry, banana etc., all yummy! Today, we made banana bread, and since it was bright and sunny outside (for the most part), it was a perfect day to use the Sun Oven.

Below is our favorite fruit bread recipe.  Today, I tried the recipe with sugar alternatives.  I did use all purpose flour, so this batch is not a low carb friendly bread.  Maybe I will try it with alternative flours next time. Continue reading “Banana Bread in the Sun Oven”

DIY – Body Powder

Who has not used body powder at some time in their lives?  As a baby, a child after a bath, or as an adult, to help with chafing, etc.  But is commercial baby powder safe?  Read more about it here.

For the last few years, I have been making a safe, DIY body powder.  So simple to make, with all the benefits of a commercial powder and none of the worries. Continue reading “DIY – Body Powder”

Almond Milk

Almond Milk is an excellent substitute for use in baking, with morning coffee, or as a general dairy alternative, in a low carb/keto lifestyle.  Do you use it?  It is a fabulous choice!

Many commercial brands are less than ideal though.  One popular brand on the market contains the following ingredients:



What is “Natural Flavoring” anyway?  (Not to mention the other ingredients) Continue reading “Almond Milk”

Low Carb Skillet Chili

This easy low carb chili can be eaten alone or with hot dogs.  A bunless chili dog topped with cheese would be a yummy quick lunch or dinner. Continue reading “Low Carb Skillet Chili”

Cooking Meat and Veggies in the Sun Oven

"Meat Veggies- SunOven Done (01) |"Have you ever cooked with the sun?  It is amazing! 

No need to heat the house, make a mess in the oven, worry about burning your food, or paying for yet another appliance that uses electricity.

Plus … it is fun!

As long as you can see a shadow, you can cook in a Sun Oven!

Below is what I made for dinner. Continue reading “Cooking Meat and Veggies in the Sun Oven”

Recipe Review – Sausage Balls

This morning, I tried a recipe from Kristie Sullivan’s book Keto Gatherings, pg. 328

Makes 24 Sausage Balls
Serving size: 2 balls
1.6 carbs per serving
This is assuming that your 0 carb sausage does not have any extra ingredients that might add carbs.

I followed the recipe as written, choosing Jimmy Dean Pork breakfast sausage as the base. The recipe stated “bulk pork sausage”.

Kristie recommended using a hand or stand mixer to incorporate all the ingredients.  I simply used my hands and mixed and squeezed well.  I always hear gloves when working with meat and all ingredients seemed to incorporate well. Continue reading “Recipe Review – Sausage Balls”